Time for Blogging is Limited. Get your Time Back
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I’m Ben Mattice.

Recently, I saw a quote that resonated. Someone asked Chuck Wendig, “How do I make time for the thing?” His response? “Nobody really makes time. … [Time] is precious resource. You mine it. You steal it. You carve it out of the schist and bedrock.”

Wendig is right. Our time is precious. And deciding to do a thing like blogging requires you spend that precious resource and sacrifice something else.

Moreover, if you want your blog to do well, you need to spend the time perfecting your blogging craft. You have to learn how to both write for an audience and tailor your content for search engine success. You serve two masters.

Free Your Time

What if there were a way to free up the time you spend writing on your blog? What if you could forget about perfecting your content and making sure it appeases the gods of Google and Bing? I have that solution right here. I can give you the gift of time.

What is your time worth? Can you put a price on extra time with family? Extra leisure time? Extra time to talk with customers and run your business?

If you’re ready to free up those hours you spend writing blog articles during the week, contact me to chat. Or, if you’re absolutely confident you want me to carve out some time, go on to my rates page.



How I Save You Time

If you’re writing SEO-friendly content about trending topics, you’re spending hours researching topics and writing your articles. I can take on that burden for you.

Here’s what I do for you:

I research keywords and topics. I then write and post eight Yoast-friendly articles a month. I can do as much and as little to the post as you like. This means I will download images to add and write snippets and SEO titles. The process can be as hands-free as you like.

I charge a premium price and only take a handful of clients at a time. This allows me to focus on you as a client and allows me the time to improve as a writer in other ways.

My price is $1600 for two months of 1k word articles. If you have more questions you can contact me.

Let’s carve out some time for you.


I follow a fairly 9-5-ish schedule with a short break for lunch during the week. I’m work-free from sundown to sundown Friday to Saturday. I’ll work with your schedule for calls and video chat outside that 24 hr period.

I use Google Hangouts, Messenger, and Skype for video calls.

E-Mail: bemattice@gmail.com

Phone: (575) 291-4941 (work inquiries only. I WILL block you for trying to sell stuff to me. If you want to advertise your services, Twitter is a better medium.)