Many people, on occasion, get songs stuck in their head. Rarely do I get songs stuck in my head, but more often do I get words stuck in my head. They lurk in the dusty crawl spaces of my brain and pop out between sentences like cheap gimmicks at a carnival house of horrors.

Today’s word isn’t one people use every day. I’m pretty sure the last place I heard the word was while driving back from work and listening to an audiobook. But it is one fun word to say. Quotidian is its name. And it means “of or occurring every day.”

Just say it with me, “Quotidian.” Isn’t it a giddy sort of word? Quotidian? It feels good on the tongue, like a dram of scotch, or some velvety chocolate. Quotidian. Frankly, I’m glad I encountered this word. I’ve heard it before, I’m sure, but it’s never been stuck in my head before.

Any who, I thought I’d share this word with you. Quotidian. I’ve not yet tired of saying it. Quotidian, quotidian, quotidian.

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